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All Meriden residents can apply for a free library card.  Adults require one form of identification showing name and present address. Children require one form of identification showing name (social security card, birth certificate, medical card).

Meriden Public Library Card Registration Form (PDF)

Biblioteca Publica de Meriden Registracion (PDF)

Library Card Holder Information

  • Applicants must present a valid Connecticut Driver's License or both a photo ID and verification of Meriden address.
  • Library card holder is responsible for everything checked out on his or her card.
  • The Library card holder must make sure items are returned on or before the due date or pay the resulting overdue fines.
  • Items will be renewed as long as there are no holds or fees on the item, and the Library card holder has no fines. In this case, we will apply a maximum of 2 renewals to the item.
  • The Library card holder cannot check out materials if  outstanding fines or fees equal $25 or more. Payments can be made by cash, check, or debit/credit card.

Fines and Fees

  • Lost items are charged the Library's cost to replace the item.
  • Materials not reparable and/or not in usable condition are charged as a damaged item. The Library will retain the item.
  • If a person damages or tries to steal library materials, library equipment or property, the person or the parents/guardian will be charged the replacement cost of the item. The person will not be able to keep the item. The Police may take additional action, as vandalism and theft are considered crimes.


Refunds for lost items are granted within 6 months from the due date of the item, as long as the Item is returned in good condition as determined by Library staff.

NOTE:  The library does not take replacements for lost or damaged items.

Fines and Fees Schedule

Circulating Materials Loan Period Daily Fine Restrictions
Adult & Teen Materials      
Books & Audiobooks 21 Days .10/Day 10 audiobooks per person
Magazines 21 Days .10/Day Current issue cannot be borrowed
CDs 21Days .10/Day 10 per person
DVDs 7 Days .25/Day 10 per person
Interlibrary Loans varies   Meriden residents only

Children’s Materials

Books & All Audio 21 Days .05/Day 10 audiobooks per person

May limit books on specific themes

Thematic Kits 21 Days 1.00/Day 1 per person

Check out & return to Children’s Room

Launchpads 21 Days 1.00/Day 1 per person

Check out & return to Children’s Room

DVDs 7 Days .25/Day 10 per person
Museum Passes 2 Days 10.00/Day  


Other Miscellaneous Charges

• Lost Item: Replacement charge/ varies
• Damaged Item: Cost determined by staff
• Photocopies: $.15 for b&w / $.50 for color
• Computer Printing: $.15 for b&w /$.25 for color
• Microfilm $.25 /per page
• Lost Museum Pass/ Cost of the pass varies from $50-$200 depending on which pass
• Returned Check / Bank Charge

Updated 9/2019