Board of Trustees

Meriden Public Library trustees play a crucial role in addressing critical issues that affect library services.  They are the policymakers for the library system, and are active participants in advocacy efforts at all levels of government, as well as with local service clubs, the chamber of commerce, and economic development agencies.  Trustees play a leadership role in fundraising and in determining the long-term direction of the library that has been entrusted to them.

Thomas J. Welsh, Esq. (D)

Exp. 1/31/26

Joan Edgerly (R)

President Emeritus
Exp. 1/31/27

Will Bailey (U)

Vice President

Exp. 1/31/27

Fred Zierler (U)

Exp. 1/31/26

Suzana Burchsted (D)

Correspondence Secretary
Exp. 1/31/27

Nydia Dominguez (D)

Exp. 1/31/25

Carol Leduc (D)

Exp. 1/31/27

Jan Levine (U)

Exp. 1/31/25

Irene Massé (R)  

Exp. 1/31/26

Becky Starr

Library Director

Frank W. Ridley

Friends of the Library Liaison

David White

Recording Secretary